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Welcome to Lake Harbor Dentistry, a comprehensive dental practice in Boise, Idaho, providing state-of-the-art general and cosmetic services to patients of all ages. Under the care of Dr. Michae l Peterson and Dr. Eric Ballou, we strive to create a friendly and comfortable experience, with patient health and satisfaction among our top priorities.

Our dentists and staff are highly trained and experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of all dental conditions to help patients achieve the beautiful, healthy smile of their dreams. We offer a full range of restorative treatment options, including CEREC, dental implants, veneers, crowns and more, which reduce the risk of dental problems while also improving the look of the overall smile.

In addition to our restorative treatments, we also offer:

Did You Know? Facts from Your Dentist in Boise, ID.

  • Regular checkups, brushing, and flossing may guard against heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer
  • Panoramic dental x-rays may detect jaw abnormalities, tumors, cysts, or even carotid artery blockages
  • Root canal therapy is often thought to be painful, but dying nerves actually cause the pain that root canals resolve
  • Mouth guards not only alleviate clenching/grinding, but they may ease migraines
  • Today‚Äôs dental technology and services were nearly unimaginable 30 years ago (e.g., CEREC technology, Invisalign, implants, IV sedation, and other treatments)
  • Lake Harbor dentists know all the latest technological advances and procedures for Boise area patients

To learn more about the services provided in our Boise office, please call us today to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members and schedule an appointment. We always welcome new patients.