It’s a Celebration! The Boise Greenbelt Turns 50 Years Old

It is time to celebrate one of the Treasure Valley’s most precious gems. The Boise Greenbelt is about to turn 50 years old and that calls for a special celebration! A three-day event is planned to mark this historic anniversary. Join in the fun as the City of Boise celebrates this occasion recognizing the valley’s most prized pathway September 19-21, 2019.


The Greenbelt was first constructed in 1989 after William Onweiler, a late Boise Councilman, pushed to raise money to build a pathway along the Boise River in the 60’s. Today this beautiful pathway is considered a gift that keeps on giving. Did you know that the Boise Greenbelt boasts of 25 miles of walking and biking pathways throughout the city along the Boise River? The Greenbelt serves as an alternative transportation path for many commuters who chose to walk or ride their bike.

A few short years ago Boise created the Ribbon of Jewels, which connects various parks throughout the city, all of which were named after woman in the community. It is hard to believe when you see the miles of beauty along the Boise Greenbelt that back in the 60’s the Boise River was a place to dump industrial waste and sewage. Thankfully, city leaders and the community had the foresight to take steps and create funding to secure land that ultimately created the pathway across the city that spans not only the city of Boise, but Garden City and Eagle as well. The Greenbelt is a precious gem for all to share and enjoy. Visit the Boise Parks and Recreation website to learn more about the Boise Greenbelt.

In honor of this special anniversary, here is a schedule of events taking place:

Thursday, September 19

Mayor Bieter will kick off the event at the historic Egyptian Theater at 6:30 p.m. The evening will highlight the past leaders who continue to shape the future of the Boise Greenbelt.

Friday, September 20

There will be a time capsule unveiling at Shoreline Park at 11:00 a.m. The community will gather to open the time capsule that was buried 25 years ago. It is said the capsule will hold pieces of the Greenbelt’s past. That afternoon, walking and biking tours will be available at various times so check the full schedule of events to get all the details.

Saturday, September 21

Put your tennis shoes on and bring your friends and family for the one-mile fun run along the Boise Greenbelt! There will be a food truck rally at the finish line in Ann Morrison Park from 11:30a.m.-3p.m. Then finish the day off by coming back to the park at 6 p.m. for a free Jazz Concert in the Park. This will be a fun family-friendly event.

Here is a map of the Greenbelt to enjoy. Don’t forget when you visit our office we are just a stone’s throw away from the Greenbelt. So, after your next appointment, take a little extra time to get out and take a walk along this amazing pathway and you’ll see for yourself why it brings joy to so many who have the chance to experience it.

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