Invisalign Results in Time For Wedding

Every now and then, we have one of our patients share a great story with us. This is from Clare Vaterlaus Bird, who has been going to Lake Harbor for about eight years. We have done Invisalign for her brother and other work on family members. Thanks to Clare for sharing her story!

“A couple of years ago my top permanent retainer broke in half. After having braces for so long I decided I should get another one. I found a random orthodontist in Utah and he fixed me up to finish out my college years… Or so I thought… Months later my front tooth started to pop out. The retainer had pushed it out! I waited until I got back to Boise and asked Eric Ballou what I should do… We decided that Invisalign was the way to go. Just a few weeks later I got engaged and decided I wanted perfect teeth for my big day! The people at Lake Harbor Dental made that happen and just in time. They worked on my teeth the months leading up to my wedding… All I can say is, I got just what I wanted… Perfect teeth! Dr. Ballou recommend Jacob Jarvis Orthodontics to get a new permanent retainer. Today I went during lunch and was very impressed with the wonderful staff and Dr. Jarvis. I can tell you now from experience don’t go to just anyone, go to someone who you can trust! Thanks Dr. Ballou and Dr.


How Lake Harbor Dental Can Help

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