Make Brushing Fun For Kids With These Five Tips

Having trouble getting your child to brush their teeth? Check out these tips to help make brushing fun for your kids.

  • Pick a fun Toothbrush: Take your child to the store with you and let them help pick out their toothbrush. They will have fun selecting their favorite design (you can usually find fun Disney characters, race cars, dinosaurs, and more!) and this will add to the excitement of using their new toothbrush.

  • Play their favorite song: Play two minutes of their favorite song. I know as parents we would do anything to NOT have to hear that Baby Shark song again, but if it gets your child to brush their teeth it’s a win. Maybe even select a fun song in the morning and another fun song for the evening.  

  • Reward good brushing behavior: Suggestions include an extra half hour of TV; 30 straight days leads to a gift of their choice; award stickers each time they brush and when the child reaches a certain number of stickers they get a surprise. If it sounds like is! But, in defense of parents, instilling healthy brushing habits is imperative to their lifelong dental health.

  • Brush with your kids: Kids love to emulate their parents. Make it fun – perhaps create a dance or make silly faces while brushing. But, also make it informative. Talk with them about the importance of good brushing habits and show them the proper technique for brushing.

  • Storytime: Create a whimsical story about what happens when a “sugar bug” invasion takes over the mouths of everyone in the town. Let your child become the superhero and help you figure out how the people will fight off the sugar bugs. Or maybe there is a sugar bug monster invasion and your child needs to figure out how to save the day and make everyone smile again. Be creative to help make brushing fun!


Bonus tip: There’s even an App for that

Yes, there are even tooth brushing apps for kids that help them improve their brushing and flossing habits. Now we understand that you may be trying to limit screen time, but these apps are sure to help make brushing fun and they will have you and your child grinning from ear to ear.

  • BrushDJ– This award-winning app makes brushing teeth fun. The app allows you to choose the music you want to play for the recommended two-minute brush time, so you and your kids know exactly when to stop brushing. Added features include videos on how to properly floss your teeth and reminders for your next dentist visit.

  • Brush Up– This app uses your phone’s camera as a “virtual mirror” so kids can watch themselves and a video teaching them how to brush simultaneously, while they are brushing. When your kids are done, the video is captured and they can earn rewards for proper brushing technique.

  • Toothsavers– With a fairytale storyline, this app gives kids the incentive to save the game’s kingdom by removing a cavity-casting spell. This app is helpful for children who have a difficult time brushing their teeth for the full two minutes.

  • Brusheez Little Monsters– Kids start the app by playing with the Little Monsters before brushing begins. The Little Monster characters will then guide your kids through brushing their teeth with music and a two-minute timer.

  • Brush Teeth with The Wiggles– This app is great for the youngest of brushers. It features a video of the Wiggles characters and other kids brushing. It also features a timer and the ability to add more kids so that each child can earn their own rewards.


Have fun and remember to help your child brush their teeth regularly and be sure to schedule regular dental visits.

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